FINNOPT offers consultation and software services to help companies achieve better performance, make better business decisions and easily discover preferred solutions and designs. With FINNOPT’s services, decision makers always have a way to interact with the optimization process in order to provide their knowledge of the business area and receive analytics of the problem in real time.


FINNOPT is based in Jyväskylä, Finland and maintains strong links with the Industrial Optimization Group at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. The company is comprised of five people, four of whom are PhDs with extensive research background in multiple criteria decision making, nature inspired algorithms, scientific software development and decades of experience in successfully handling industrial projects.


The values guiding FINNOPT’s operations are

  • top research based innovativity
  • extensive commitment to customer projects
  • significant production of added value to the customer

The aim is to produce substantial gain to the customer by offering concrete and powerful tools to support better decision making.

Staff presentation

launisEsa Launis, CEO

+358 50 4688818




sindhyaKarthik Sindhya (PhD & MEng), VP, Sales & Marketing

Data driven surrogate modeling, blackbox optimization, multi-objective optimization, evolutionary computation, genetic algorithms and hybrid algorithms

+358 40 5020418


hartikainenMarkus Hartikainen (PhD), Principal Consultant

Expertise in mathematical optimisation methods, value-tree analysis for reflecting customer’s preferences, data-analysis and mathematical modelling of objectives and constraints.



hakanenJussi Hakanen (PhD), Product Manager

Expertize in mathematical optimization methods and applications of optimization.



ojalehtoVesa Ojalehto (PhD), CTO

Expertise in software development, especially for optimization (both single and multiobjective optimization)