CleantechFinland_pienilogoCleantech Finland

FINNOPT joined Cleantech Finland network in 2016. Cleantech Finland brings together Finnish cleantech expertise and companies interested in sustainability. Solving environmental issues combines various values and at part conflicting objectives. FINNOPT offers tools to process all the criteria and find the optimal solution. FINNOPT’s experts also have previous experience working with forestry and waste water treatment related issues. For more information about FINNOPT’s cooperation with Cleantech, click here.

noesis-large-logoNoesis Solutions

FINNOPTs cooperation with Noesis Solutions began in 2016. Noesis Solutions is a Belgian software company, that specialises in simulation process integration and design optimization. As a result of cooperation and FINNOPT’s expertise a multiobjective optimization tool was created to be attached to Noesis’ flagship project Optimus platform. Learn more about this tool here.