FINNOPT’s tool as a part of Noesis Solutions’ Optimus platform

In cooperation with Belgian Noesis Solutions FINNOPT has created a new tool to improve multiobjective optimization.

The plug-in developed in the cooperation is created to be attached to the Noesis Solutions’ optimization software Optimus. The tool makes it possible to use multiobjective optimization in a way that hasn’t previously been possible. Unlike before, the plug-in allows processing several different objectives simultaneously and increases software’s interactivity.

According to Silvia Poles, Noesis Solutions’ Pre & Post Sales Manager, the ability to process several objectives and interactivity is what makes FINNOPT’s software unique in the current market. Previously even Optimus wasn’t suited to handle situations with more than three objectives, states Poles. Therefore plug-in creates concrete added value to the existing software.

Plug-in has already attracted some preliminary interest in Noesis Solutions’ clientele. It will be release together with the upcoming release of Optimus 10.18. Poles finds that every current user of Optimus software could potentially benefit from using the plug-in.