New website launched

We proudly present FINNOPT’s new website. New website enables better collaboration with our partners, clients and associates and contain a lot of information about FINNOPT.

The new web pages are created as a part of a multidisciplinary student project organized by the University of Jyväskylä. The project team was in charge of a comprehensive reform of visual and textual content in FINNOPT’s website. You can find more information about the project team here and about the project course here (in Finnish).

New features and content

The main goals in the project were to create an approachable layout and updated content for FINNOPT’s webpages. Pages gained a lot new textual and visual content which together with the new layout and tabs help you to navigate on the site easier.

Testimonial -page includes references about FINNOPT’s past projects. These customer stories give useful information and feedback about FINNOPT’s operations for our partners and clients. As important as the customer stories, another aim was to increase the coverage of cooperation with our partners. Now our current partners, Noesis Solutions and Cleantech Finland, and their introductions can easily be found on their own page. On Cleantech Finland’s website you can also read more about how FINNOPT can help companies who value environmental issues important.

The greatest feature in the website is the News & Events -page where it is easy to share news and other information. By following FINNOPT on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook you can keep yourself informed about our latest projects and events.

A new feature on the site is the Suomeksi -tab where you can read a compact introduction about FINNOPT in Finnish.

We hope you find our new website interesting and customer friendly. Happy surfing!