FINNOPT’s experts provide versatile services for your decision making needs. We can help you whether you already have an optimization problem that you would like to solve more efficiently or you have a decision problem where you believe that optimization could benefit you. Optimization can be applied for example when you have data about decisions alternatives and you need to choose the best one, or if you know that a mathematical model or a software exists which can predict the outcomes of these decision alternatives.

We can help you with:

  • formulating the decision problem as an optimization problem,
  • choosing the best optimization methods to solve your problem,
  • incorporating your preferences into solving the optimization problem,
  • analyzing the optimal solutions and transferring them to actions and decision rules, and
  • developing custom software for automating items mentioned above.
FINNOPT experts are world class researchers in the area of multiobjective optimization, nature-inspired optimization methods, developing decision support tools based on optimization and formulating decision problems as optimization problems. This is proved by scientific publishing records and completed projects of the FINNOPT experts.

FINNOPT offers an easy way to get started. Initial proof of concept to showcase the potential of optimization in your problem. It is completely risk-free, as there is no charge if the service is found unsatisfactory.

For more details on our services, please contact us. We hope to hear from you!