FINNOPT’s tool as a part of Noesis Solutions’ Optimus platform

In cooperation with Belgian Noesis Solutions FINNOPT has created a new tool to improve multiobjective optimization.

Adding FINNOPT Interactive as a part of Noesis Optimus -platform opened unique and unequalled functions to Noesis Solutions’ clients. Amongst other things, plug-in makes it possible to operate with several different objectives and brings new interactivity into the software. The new functions are unique in the current software market.

The ability to process several objectives and interactivity is what makes FINNOPT’s software unique in the current market.Silvia Poles, Pre & Post Sales Manager, Noesis Solutions

Poles describes cooperation with FINNOPT as effortless and effective. FINNOPT acted rapidly when adding FINNOPT Interactive -software to Noesis Solutions’ Optimus-platform.

I was really surprised when their CTO came back with perfect working solution without asking a single question on how to do that. That was great.Silvia Poles, Pre & Post Sales Manager, Noesis Solutions

Poles sees that every current Noesis Solutions’ client and especially Optimus users benefit from the new plug-in. New plug-in was released together with Optimus 10.18. Even before the release it attracted some preliminary interest in Noesis Solutions’ clientele.

I think Japan is for the moment the most interested distributor because probably the market there is ready for that kind of plug-in.Silvia Poles, Pre & Post Sales Manager, Noesis Solutions

Together with FINNOPT’s experts Noesis Solutions organized a free webinar in summer, where their clients had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with plug-in’s new functions.