Multiobjective optimization in elevator group scheduling

kone-logo1In the beginning of 2016 elevator company KONE participated in FINNOPT’s research project, where the goal was to use optimization in elevator group scheduling and improve the scheduling with multi objective optimization in mind. Since then, FINNOPT has completed multiple research projects with KONE and the collaboration is still ongoing.

The cooperation started off with KONE’s need to have more features in their existing elevator traffic optimization software and to enhance the multiobjective optimization the software was used for. There was a desire to improve elevator group scheduling and to research new problem-solving methods. At the time same possibilities for applying FINNOPT’s software for KONE’s use were looked into.

We had a system that needed more features and better multiobjective optimization.Tapio Tyni, Senior Expert, Concepts, KONE

In cooperation with KONE FINNOPT executed a project, where company’s multiobjective optimization expertise was integrated into KONE’s own software. Choosing FINNOPT as a partner in cooperation was especially supported by company’s knowledge of genetic algorithms and the connection to academic world’s top know-how.

FINNOPT clearly has a certain expertise in optimization and particularly in genetic algorithms, that KONE doesn’t necessarily have at the same level.Tuomas Susi, Senior Expert, Software Products, KONE

The cooperation was especially simplified by FINNOPT’s expertise not only in optimization but in other subject matters too. Company’s versatile expertise and long-time experience in concrete multiobjective optimization offered a possibility for new solutions. FINNOPT’s liaisons brought into the project their full wide-range know-how and independent working manner.

In the project a bridge was built between method and software development know-how.Tuomas Susi, Senior Expert, Software Products, KONE

The cooperation with KONE was successful. KONE is interested to continue cooperation with FINNOPT if there is a need for FINNOPT’s expertise in the future.

We got what we aimed for.TTapio Tyni, Senior Expert, Concepts, KONE